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A few words from some of Harry’s acquaintances…


“I have worked with Harry since he replaced Mick “The Groove” Lavender, who unfortunately retired from the band I work with due to ill health. Harry had a big pair of shoes to fill but stepped in and has done a sterling job. We have been touring since last year and apart from being a great bloke he is a very accomplished keyboard player and a pretty good backing singer as well. Harry is a pleasure to work with and, I have to add, a good laugh, both of which are an asset to any band.” Steve Ellis, Love Affair and solo artiste, Brighton

"You are a first rate gentleman, Harry. Apart from that time you made my dressing room smell! From that moment on I always ask for a seperate toilet! Anyway, as you can imagine, I've played with quite a few musicians over the years but you stay in the memory, what little I have left, because you were always so well prepared musically and willing to reach out on stage to help during the performance. Thank you!" Chris Farlowe, solo artiste, London

"Harry is the type of player who knows exactly what to play and when to play it, such that when he's not there he is sorely missed." Ash Chopra, Drummer, Wrenbury

"I’m so chuffed you decided to join us, I love the way you play and fit in with us, long may this continue." Sean McMullan, Guitarist, The Goosehorns, York

​​“Harry has been instrumental in the success of the music of the rock opera “A Song for a Hero”. From the start, Harry picked up the structure of the songs and added his own creative flair to enhance the production. The initial song, “When the Killing Ends”, needed a sensitive but powerful Keys section. Harry decided to do this in three ways, through a mixture of Hammond Organ, Piano and Strings. The result was stunning. This song alone has already caused a stir in the West End and has been positively commented on by a top director. The second project was the song “Signs”. Although this song hasn’t yet been released as this testimonial is written, we are already expecting big things. A mixture of Celtic fantasy crossed with powerful military drums and keyboards topped with great vocals. Yet again Harry produced the goods. He decided to add a flute style keyboard through the gentle sections and then a stirring Bagpipes sound, which makes the listener want to pick up a sword and march into battle. Harry will continue to work on “A Song for a Hero” as the main Keyboard expert. He has a fantastic knack for understanding the direction of the songs and creating just the right sounds and effects. This is essential considering the sensitive and sometimes emotional content of the songs. We look forward to Harry’s next instalment with much excitement.” Paul Snow, Creator/Writer of “A Song for a Hero”, Worcester


“As a fellow keyboard player, I can understand the talent that radiates from this unassuming man. Many a time I have been ‘wow-ed’ by Harry’s intricate and insightful approach to his performance music and at his ability to find just the right time and degree of fill or space in a song. However, as a multi-instrumentalist, this cleverness is passed along to other instruments proving that his capabilities for finding the right groove, melody or architecture of any piece are widespread. Place all this amongst his passion and commitment for music and you have a truly dedicated and powerful weapon in your creative arsenal.” Terry Walls, Musician, Songwriter, Producer, Keyboardist with The Official Receivers, Worcester


“Absolutely loving the voice!” Glen Leon, Vocalist with New Amen Corner, Stourport


“We were so lucky to find Harry. He plays keyboards, guitar and he sings. He makes me sick with envy!” Keith Evans, Saxophonist with New Amen Corner, Halesowen


“An asset to the band. He has picked up the repertoire with ease – a real find!” Dave Howson, Bassist with New Amen Corner, Tenbury Wells


“Surprisingly, he’s just like a normal bloke!” Jack Howson, Drummer with New Amen Corner, London


“Harry has fitted into Blind Lemon seamlessly. We’ve overloaded him with new songs to learn and he’s coped effortlessly and professionally with whatever we’ve thrown at him and within very tight deadlines. I’m delighted to have found someone else who shares the passion and dedication for playing and performing live music as much as I do. I look forward to a long and productive future” Nick McCarthy, Guitarist with Blind Lemon, Little Witley


“He has a remarkable ear” David Makinson, Author, Bolton


“It was like he’d always been there. I’m definitely not a musician but without a doubt he’s the very best keyboard player I’ve ever come across!” Mark Pearsall, Vocalist with Blind Lemon, Kidderminster


“Harry is a very accomplished musician” Steve Collett, Vocalist with The Midnight Movers, Droitwich


“There are usually two instruments in a band that are asked to do things out of the ordinary, the guitarist and the keyboard player. Harry has absolutely no fear when it comes to stepping forward!” Rich Morgan, Bassist with Blind Lemon, Worcester


“Harry is an inspiration to anyone who ever wished to further themselves in anything, in my case music. He never stops pushing, looking, trying to find that progression of chords to compliment his ability to solo above the rhythm section…” Clive Darrington, Musician and Lyricist, Leeds


“Harry has gone out of his way to get to grips with our extensive repertoire, out of his way to bring a new lease of life to this band and out of his way to contribute. What more can one ask of a fellow band member? Oh and he’s a bloody good all round musician that’s for sure!” Danny Koisser, Drummer with Blind Lemon, Droitwich


“Harry is an extraordinary musician. He just seems to know what key a song is in, what the right chords or sequences are and how to play it! It must be a sign of a misspent youth! He is also a great guy as well. Long may you keep playing” Gary Oswell, Guitarist with Jake, Kidderminster


“I have yet to meet a nicer bloke, a more accomplished musician or a better looking fellow (okay I made up that last bit)!” Tim Pickering, Saxophonist with Blind Lemon, Kingswinford

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